Analytics & Monitoring

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Google Analytics Setup and Dashboards

Seeing how people interact with your site along with what they like, as well as don't like, is very important as it helps us to tailor your content to maximise your website visits.

Track your rank with our custom reports

Our reports are jargon-free and we explain what each part means.
There is no minimum term contract, so you can try us out with confidence.

We can set up your own Google Analytics code or customise it to your requirements.
Need to track clicks going to other websites? We can help.

Heffalump SEO Analytics

Google Data Studio

Fully understanding the Google Analytics interface can be a major undertaking.

Our custom reports can show the data most important to you and remove the excess. The data is still there for us to assess any potential problems or see new opportunities. We will flag this in our monthly reporting, or immediately if we see an urgent situation.

Website analytics

We can set up Google analytics and Search Console, which will help us to refine your content and analyse who is visiting your site, and why. Our additional monitoring software tell us things that Google can’t. These insights can help you appear higher in search and drive more traffic to your site.

Competitor check

If your competition rises above you, it's because they are working hard on their SEO. We monitor this and make sure you stay ahead, by finding out what keywords and topics they focus on and who links to them. We use this information to improve your rank and beat them to the top.

Algorithm changes

Websites are ranked using hundreds of different rules, or algorithms. These rules change roughly 500 times a year and our unique workflow covers every aspect of this evolving situation. We adjust our content marketing methods to get the best results for you, through all these changes.

Monitor alerts

Search Console gives us up-to-date information on your site’s search rankings. It checks whether it can crawl all or your pages properly and whether all the right code is in the right places. It also gives us information on how to improve the optimisation, so you can get more website traffic.

Website errors

We check if something bad suddenly happens to your website. Whether it's broken links, malware or something worse... we can fix it. If you have a Wordpress site, it’s vital that we protect it from hackers. Without protection, your site is very easy to break into and plant malicious code.

Bad links

Your rank can be improved by links from good websites with a higher rank than you. Likewise, low ranking or suspicious websites which link to you can lower your rank. We monitor all this on a weekly basis and take action when needed.

Analytics free for a month

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  1. Check for technical errors
  2. Set up Google Analytics and Search Console
  3. Track where visitors come from and where they go
  4. Find out what keywords brought them to your website
  5. Provide valuable insights how to increase web traffic
  6. Find links that are harming your rank

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