Website health check

Prepare for more visitors by following Google guidelines

SEO Audit Tool

Most of the time we find technical issues in sites we check.
In this case, we simply change some of the code and we always see a big improvement in a short time.

We make sure it's fast and efficient and it's how we get started preparing your website for more traffic.

Of course the first stage is always an initial check and you can get yours here, free, with no obligation.

A simple report in minutes

Within 5 minutes, you will receive your website SEO audit.
You are free to use this information to:

  • Make any changes yourself if needed
  • Ask your web developer to evaluate the audit
  • Ask us for a quote to make the changes

We are web developers with the skills to get the job done, in-house.

seo audit

Content check

Visible page content is important, as well as off-page code.

There are many ways to improve your rank while addressing these important points, and we can run through all of them with you after your free check.

Links to your website site from others can either increase or reduce your rank.

This also forms part of our monitoring: unhelpful or bad links are created all the time, so we need to watch them and remove them when needed.

Speed Test

Page speed means how long it takes for your web page to appear.

When you have a fast site, you are at an advantage both for search engines and for visitors.

No-one will wait for a slow page to appear - there is just too much competition.

We also check whether if you could benefit from serving your images from a 'Content Delivery Network', or CDN. This will usually improve your performance.

We check and fix all these issues both for desktop and mobile and give you a full report as we go.